VISIONS of SuperMaMa:

  • SuperMaMa is an EU FET-OPEN RIA (Research & Innovation Action) project that aims at breaking scientific grounds in new technologies that shall boost the capabilities of mass spectrometry and optical spectroscopy. Here we specifically target singly charged and neutral high-mass proteins.
  • SuperMaMa will develop, test and combine an integrated superconducting nanowire array (SNWA) with advanced cryogenic onboard electronics in a largely re-modelled ESI-TOF-machine.
  • The development of a new generation of photocleavable tags shall allow the preparation of neutral protein beams from mass-selected ions in focused transverse high-power laser fields.
  • Photo-cleavage post-ionization of tagged proteins shall also be studied as a generic tool to decouple the volatilization from the charging process. This will enable the combination of a systematic analysis of neutral proteins in the gas phase with subsequent mass spectroscopy.
  • The combination of all techniques shall open new avenues for few-photon calorimetry. The calorimetry studies will explore the sensitivity of SNWA detection to molecular heat.

 Latest News

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We had interactive fun with 25 children ages 8-12 discussing proteins, croygenics, quantum detectors, and imaging.



IceQubes Workshop 2021

We are happy to announce that our EU SuperMaMa Project will be discussed at the IceQubes workshop.


SuperMaMa Concept presented as a Poster at the “Quantum Technologies for Space Days"!

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