SuperMaMa at international conferences

  • Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/Europe - European Electronics Virtual Conferences (CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2023)
    Munich - 26.06.2023 - 30.06.2023
    Contributed Talk by Ronan Gourgues (Single Quantum): Application of superconducting nanowire detector arrays in molecular beam research and mass spectroscopy
  • Superconducting quantum detectors and single photon charge control for mass spectrometry
    Talk by Markus Arndt at the SPIE Photonics West Conference - Quantum Sensing, Imaging, and Precision Metrology
    28.01.2023 – 31.01.2023, San Fransisco, USA
  • Dynamics of Electrons in Atomic and Molecular Nanoclusters (DEAMN) - International School of Solid State Physics (81st Workshop) at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture - Erice (Sicily), Italy, 25.08.2022 - 31.08.2022
    Invited Talk by Markus Arndt: Quantum Tools for ´Flying Elephants
  • Quantum tools for the manipulation and detection of complex polypeptides, 12th conference on Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions, IBBI 2022, 27.02.2022 - 04.03.2022 Obergurgl, Austria

SuperMaMa hosting webinars and workshops

  • Hamburg Photon Science Colloqium, CFEL, 05.05.2023
    Invited Talk by Markus Arndt: Quantum tools for Biomolecular Physics
  • Mass Spectrometry meets Quantum Science at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Teddington, UK, 22.03.2023
  • University of California Berkeley, 25.01.2023
    Invited Talk by Markus Arndt: New quantum tools for molecular physics
  • SuperMaMa Webinar, May 21st , 2021: This online meeting was organized by Jan Commandeur, MSVISION and Markus Arndt, UNIVIE, and hosted presentations by all network nodes.
  • ICEQUBES, the international Workshop on Cryogenic Electronics for Quantum Systems,  
    was hosted in June 2-4, 2021 as a ZOOM event. It was organized by the EPFL team around Edoardo Charbon and Claudio Bruschini and also featured a SuperMaMa review in a talk by Markus Arndt, UNIVIE. 

International workshop organization

  • International SPAD Sensor Workshop (ISSW) - Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy, 03.06.2024
    Co-Organizing by Edoardo Charbon
  • International SPAD Sensor Workshop (ISSW) - University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 13.06.2022
    Co-Organizing by Edoardo Charbon


  • US Switzerland Quantum Symposium, Basel, 27.03.2023 - 28.03.2023
    Presented by Jad Benserhir (EPFL): A Cryogenic BiCMOS 0.1-8.8 GHz Low Noise Amplifier Achieving 4 Kelvin Noise Temperature for Quantum Applications
  • Frontiers of Matterwave Optics (FOMO) Summer School & Conference 2022
    Presented by Marcel Strauss (UNIVIE): Generation and detection of mass-selected neutral polypeptide beams

SuperMaMa at School

  • Albertus Magnus High School Vienna - Physics Olympiad Course - 19.04.2023
    Invited Talk by Markus Arndt: Research topics in Quantum Physics
  • Vienna Music High School - 10.01.2023
    Invited Talk by Markus Arndt: From the fundamental principles of quantum physics to applications in molecular physics and information processing
  • Visit from the Vienna Music High School at the University of Vienna - 16.12.202
  • Julia Salapa, Marcel Strauß, Martin Mauser, Markus Arndt, Quantentricks in einer Waage für die Bausteine des Lebens. Wie Quanten und Nanodrähte uns helfen, Eiweiß zu wiegen. Children's University, July 2021, Vienna
  • Markus Arndt, 2.6.2021, Hertha Firnberg Schule Vienna: Quantentricks mit Biomolekülen
  • Markus Arndt, 2.12.2021, BRG3 Vienna: Quantentricks mit Biomolekülen