UNIVIE-LAB has moved...


...to an expand in a larger lab!

The rapid growth and progress of our SuperMaMa activities necessitated moving the experiment from a small starting lab (used for the SUMO seed project) into a refurbished 40m² lab.

This meant dismantling the WatersQTOF Mass spectrometer, strip it to the bones, reassemble it and include the new chamber and parts that were divised by the SuperMaMa team. At the same time an atomic beam (ions and metastables and neutral molecules) was added, as well as the cyrogenic chamber to host the Single Quantum superconducting nanowire detectors.

And: Steve Daly, from our Mass spectrometry partners MSVISION in Almere/NL, joined us in Vienna for two weeks, to contribute with his expertise in mass spectrometry and photo-cleavage!

Marcel Strauß, Steve Daly and Armin Shayeghi in the new lab.