VISIONS of SuperMaMa:

  • SuperMaMa is an EU FET-OPEN Research & Innovation project working on new technologies for mass spectrometry and analysis of lowly charged and neutral high-mass proteins.
  • SuperMaMa will develop, test and combine an integrated superconducting nanowire array (SNWA) with advanced cryogenic onboard electronics in a largely re-modelled ESI-TOF-machine.
  • The development of a new photocleavable tags shall allow us to prepare of neutral protein beams from mass-selected ions upon single- pr few photon absorption. This will decouple the volatilization from the charging process and shall enable the analysis of neutral proteins in the gas phase

 Latest News


... who joins our SuperMaMa-Team at UNIVIE.


The rapid growth of the SuperMaMa activities at UNIVIE made it necessary to move the experiment to a larger lab.


The SuperMaMa Project is present at the ATTRACT Conference 2020.


... joins the SuperMaMa team at UNIVIE !


We report on new superconducting nanowire chips and our first sensitivity tests with atomic ions.


Armin strengthens UNIVIE as postdoc on SSPD tests and mass spectrometry.